Click on the name to view the obituary of the deceased.

Larry Harris, Lifetime Member 3/12/2017
Larry L. Ward, Past Commander, Life Member 12/2/2016
Red Mason. Life Member 6/1/2016
Bruce Swenson, Life Member and past Commander 5/23/2016
Richard Bower, 3/12/2015
William E. “Bill” Bush, Life Member 3/26/2015
Ernest Brewer, Life Member 12/20/2014
Charles Barker 10/21/2014
Leo Robas, Life Member 8/1/2014
Chester Woosley, July 2014
Donald Peck, Life Member  7/30/2013
Charles A. “Bud” Bass, Past Commander, Life Member 12/25/2012
Donald Hughes, Life Member 12/30/2011
William O. Garrett, Life Member 3/4/2011
Forest J. Stone, Life Member 9/17/2010
Lloyd Oliver 9/5/2010
Duane Lindsey 8/20/2010
Frederick L. Melling 8/10/2010
Harold Carmack 8/8/2010
Hugh Stonebraker 7/23/2010
Frank Cinamon 7/4/2010
William L. Curry 6//6/2010
Richard Erwin
Donald Moyer 3/11/2010
Thomas E. Frey, Life Member 1/25/2010
Arthur J. Wadsworth, Life Member 11/17/2009
James Blevens 10/16/2009
Paul W. Foster 08/25/2009
Bernard Netter 08/11/2009
Lee Bell 07/2009
Anthony Adamiak Jr., Life Member 10/01/2008
Robert E Heilwagen 09/08/2008
Robert Land of Sebring, FL, Life Member  09/08/2008
Frank B. Dodd, Life Member 06/28/2008
Woodrow W. Dickerson, Life Member 06/18/2008
Aurhur W. Hants 03/2008
James McAtee 03/09/2008 Life Member & Past Post Commander
Charles D. Craig 03/08/2008
Ronald K. Bowser, 3/1/2008 Life Member, Past Post Commander &  Quartermaster
Enoch R. Price, 9/27/06
Elster Mc Clanahan 8/2001

Almighty and Merciful God!  Father of all!  Amidst these monuments of the dead we see Thy hand.

In the depth of our sorrow we realize the truth of the inspired words: “I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”

As comrade after comrade departs we march on with the ranks grown thinner.

Help us to be faithful unto Thee and to one another.

We beseech Thee, look in mercy upon all of us here assembled and, with Thine own tenderness, console and comfort those bereaved by the hand of death.

Give them the “oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.”

Heavenly Father, Bless our country with freedom, peace and righteousness, and through Thy Sovereign and Holy Spirit’s favor, may we all meet at last before Thy throne of Grace in Heaven. And to Thy Great Name shall be praised forever and forever.  Amen


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